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Zeno-Watch Basel

Zeno-Watch Basel is a Swiss watch manufacturer created in 1868 by Jules Godat, a native of La Chaux-de-Fonds ( canton of Neuchâtel ). In 1917 , André-Charles Eigeldinger resumed watchmaking Godat 2 . He specialized in the production of military watches, computational watches and pocket watches in silver, gold and platinum. Eigeldinger & Fils (EBOSA […]

User: Zeades / Draft

ZEADES Monte Carlo SARL is a Monaco watch and jewelery company founded in 2004 by Danielle Devreese and Frederic Brega. The jewelry is mainly made of leather hand- worked in the Principality of Monaco, while the pieces are assembled in Hong Kong . The company The company is experiencing its beginnings in exports, particularly duty-free […]

Yonger & Bresson

Yonger & Bresson is a French watch brand created in 1975 1 , based in Morteau in the Doubs . History Established in 1975, the Yonger & Bresson brand offers automatic watches 2 . Movement Amber The Ambre group, owner of the brand, decided to give it a new boost with the creation of this […]

Vostok Europe

Vostok Europe is a brand of watches that debuted in 2004. These watches are assembled by the Lithuanian company KoLiz-Vostok Vilnius , and are intended for the market of Western Europe and North America . The first Vostok Europe watches received a Russian Vostok movement . Later, the company began to use Japanese manufacturing movements. […]

Slava (watches)

Slava ( Russian : Слава , signifying glory ) is a Soviet brand then Russian brand produced by the Second Muscovite Watch Factory 1 . Slava watch designed for doctors In the Soviet era the Slava watches were very much appreciated by the Soviet people for their sturdiness. This reliability will bring the brand to […]

Rip Curl

Rip Curl is a company Australian of clothing , accessories and equipment surfing , founded by two surfers Torquay (Australia) (near Geelong ) that began modestly by making their own wetsuits in their garden. The company is still based in Torquay and its European subsidiary is located in Soorts-Hossegor, France . Rip Curl is now […]

Nixon (watches)

Nixon is an American company of watches for the surf , then of accessories fashion and equipment of sliding ( surf , snowboards , skateboards ). History In California ( Encinitas ) in 1997 , two Californians, Chad DiNenna (surfing enthusiast) and Andy Laats, an engineer, decide to create specialized watches for surfing. In 2000, […]


Mondaine Watch Ltd. Is an independent manufacturer of Swiss watches created in 1951. The company is based in Zurich with its watchmaking workshops located in Biberist . History Since 1986, Mondaine has been manufacturing and distributing the official watches of Swiss Federal Railways or SBB throughout the world. Indeed, CFF SBB and FFS are indicated […]

Jeanrichard (company)

JeanRichard is a Swiss watch manufacturer claiming the legacy of Daniel Jeanrichard . History As early as 1679, aged fourteen, Daniel Jeanrichard took an interest in watchmaking and studied the mechanism of a broken-down English watch. Two years later, this self-taught artist founds his own workshop in the Neuchâtel region of Switzerland. Considered a pioneer […]


HYT is a watch manufacturer founded by Lucien Vouillamoz. History The idea of Lucien Vouillamoz behind HYT is to create mechanical watches precision with the peculiarity of having the time with fluids instead of needles 1 . Models Several models are available. The H1 is the first model produced in 2012, it is the first […]